Showcasing Orygen and the youth IPS Centre of Excellence!

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We loved hosting Individual Placement and Support (IPS) staff from across Australia to exchange insights about working in IPS.

It was such a valuable opportunity to hear about what’s happening in IPS service delivery nationally, and to share our Youth IPS Centre of Excellence team’s latest findings in research, innovation and workforce development.

Tours were facilitated by researchers and the Employment & Education Partnerships team and included an overview of the psychosocial space, Virtual Reality (VR) lab, gym, design studio and café.  Our tour guides provided a comprehensive experience of our Parkville office, including our IPS history and existing programs.

For those unable to attend, here is a link to a brief video of Orygen’s Revive Virtual Reality demonstration.

And if you’re wondering, ‘What’s IPS?’: Research shows that work, training and education helps young people recover from mental ill-health. IPS is an evidence-based program that helps young people find work and education, while also helping employers and educators support young people on that journey.

So much to be excited about within this emerging field!

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